DragonEdit - Text, DOC & HTML

DragonEdit - Text, DOC & HTML 1.2.1

Excellent text and HTML editor for your Palm

DragonEdit is two applications in one: a full-featured text editor, and a powerful HTML editor. Edit text files on a memory card or DOC files in internal memory without the file size limits that other editors impose on you. Switch into HTML mode and DragonEdit becomes an on-the-go web editor -- pull pages off your site then upload them back online when you're done editing, all with one efficient and intelligent tool. These two editing modes can be toggled so that DragonEdit is ideal even if you only want to edit plain text or DOC files, while HTML functionality is there for those who need it.

Text Editing

DragonEdit can edit any text files stored on memory cards such as SD, Memory Stick, and CompactFlash. ASCII, Unicode, and other multilingual text encodings are supported. DragonEdit can also edit compressed or uncompressed DOC-format files in RAM and memos in the MemoPad database.

  • No size limit!
  • Open multiple files simultaneously
  • Advanced Find/Replace - quickly and accurately search across files, even with regular expressions
  • Cut/Copy/Paste without 4k character limit (now up to 32k)
  • Custom fonts to see more on the screen at once
  • Color theme support to make editing easier on the eyes
  • Supports Windows and MacOS/Linux format text files
  • Supports 5-way navigation on Treo/PalmOne devices and the Sony Clie jog wheel
  • Supports high-resolution landscape (480x320) and portrait (320x480) displays
  • Supports external keyboards

HTML Editing

DragonEdit can download files from your web site or create new pages. Open and edit .html/.php/.js/.pl/.css or other text files and take advantage of DragonEdit's powerful web page editing features. After using HTML wizards, tag autocompletion, and code snippets to help speed up your coding, easily upload the files back online to your server via FTP.

  • Preview web pages locally on Palm
  • Upload via FTP
  • Complete HTML 4.0 tag database
  • XHTML compatible
  • Tag autocomplete
  • HTML wizards (tables, flash, links, images, lists, etc.)
  • Code snippets (including prebuilt JavaScript snippet database)

DragonEdit - Text, DOC & HTML


DragonEdit - Text, DOC & HTML 1.2.1

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